Logo MMRO Notice of Privacy

A. RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PROTECTION OF YOUR PERSONAL DATA. Mexicana MRO, S.A. de C.V. (hereinafter “Mexicana MRO”) with address at Avenida 602, 161 A, Mexico City International Airport Federal Zone, Venustiano Carranza City Hall, C.P. 15620, Mexico City, with email proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com, and telephone 55 4747 6500, is committed to the protection of your personal data to guarantee the right to privacy and informational self-determination. In this sense, Mexicana MRO assumes responsibility for its use, management, disclosure, storage and confidentiality in accordance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data of Individuals (hereinafter LFPDPPP) and its Regulations.

B. PERSONAL DATA SUBJECT TO PROCESSING BY MEXICANA MRO. For the purposes of this Privacy Notice and in accordance with article 3 of the LFPDPPP, “Personal Data” shall mean any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person; while "Sensitive Personal Data" will be those that affect the most intimate sphere of its owner, or whose misuse may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk for the owner. In this sense, Mexicana MRO may collect the following data: (i) Name / company name; (ii) activity (business); (iii) postal address; (iv) tax domicile; (v) Federal Taxpayers Registry; (vi) email address; (vii) landline and / or cell phone number; (viii) name of the representative / legal representative, (if applicable); (ix) signature of the representative / legal representative, (if applicable); (x) name of the person in charge of payments; (xi) bank and commercial references; (xii) payment information (such as credit card number, bank account number, CLABE); and (xiii) any other identification, contact, patrimonial, financial, labor, academic and immigration data. In the event that the owner does not agree to grant their consent for Sensitive Personal Data to be treated based on this Privacy Notice, they must notify Mexicana MRO through the following email address: proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com

C. PURPOSE OF THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA. Mexicana MRO will process your Personal Data only for the time necessary to comply with the contractual relationship derived from the request and / or contracting of products or services; to verify, confirm and validate your identity; to contact you; to inform you of news regarding our services; to carry out billing for the services provided; to manage the collection and payment process; to fulfill the corporate purpose of the business; as well as to comply with the obligations established by the applicable legislation and the competent authorities. Your Personal Data may be used for other purposes, as long as they are compatible with those described above and can be considered similar. Mexicana MRO may share your Personal Data with third parties, nationals or foreigners, to fulfill the purposes described above. These third parties refer to those external advisers who act in the name and on behalf of Mexicana MRO; as well as the service providers that are hired to fulfill the purposes described above and that act in the name and on behalf of Mexicana MRO. Therefore, Mexicana MRO will take all appropriate measures to ensure that your Personal Data is protected in relation to the issue of confidentiality. Consequently, Mexicana MRO will ensure that said third parties comply with said Privacy Notice and will prohibit them from using your Personal Data for different purposes. However, in the event that Mexicana MRO has the need to comply with a legally acquired obligation, whether required by resolution or determination of a competent authority, Mexicana MRO will promptly communicate your Personal Data to third parties that are independent of Mexicana MRO. As a result, Mexicana MRO has adopted the necessary efforts and measures to protect your Personal Data against any damage, loss, alteration, destruction, access or unauthorized treatment.

D. LIMITATION OF THE USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PERSONAL DATA. In the event that you do not want your Personal Data to be processed for commercial prospecting purposes, you can send a Request for Limitation of Data Processing to the following email: proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com. The refusal to process your Personal Data for the purpose described in this paragraph will not imply any limitation for the provision of products and / or the provision of requested services. For more information, please call 55 4747 6500 or at the email address. proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com

E. MEANS OF EXERCISING THE RIGHTS OF ACCESS, RECTIFICATION, CANCELLATION OR OPPOSITION. The rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition will be exercised through the email proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com and in accordance with the following: Right of access. - It implies that the owner can consult the Personal Data contained in our databases, that is, from the origin to the communications that have been used with them. Right of rectification. - In the event that there is any inaccuracy in your Personal Data or they are incomplete, you may correct or update them, after notifying Mexicana MRO about the changes that must be made to your Personal Data. Right of cancellation. - Upon request, your Personal Data will be removed from all our databases. It is important to note that there are cases in which the cancellation of your Personal Data may not be possible in terms of the LFPDPPP, its Regulations and other applicable legal provisions. Right of opposition. - implies resistance for legitimate reasons to the processing of your Personal Data by us. Therefore, Mexicana MRO will make available the corresponding formats to carry out requests for access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, with prior notification.

F. TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA. Mexicana MRO will not carry out the transfer of your Personal Data with any third party, except as provided in subsection C.

G. MODIFICATIONS TO THE PRIVACY NOTICE. Any change or modification to the Privacy Notice will be communicated through its publication on our website https://www.mxamro.com/ or by request through the email proteccionde.datos@mxamro.com The lack of opposition to the modified Privacy Notice, within 5 business days following publication or reception, will be understood as acceptance and consent to the terms established therein.