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"The difference between Maintenance and Aircraft Care."

Execute services of excellence in aircraft maintenance, meeting customer expectations with outstanding results.


Be the leading MRO for aircraft maintenance solutions in America.

Mexicana MRO Services

A world
class MRO


Our Capabilities

Taking advantage of a vast experience and proven abilities, Mexicana MRO Services offers checks for the following equipment:

Our Services

Mexicana MRO Services has over 50 years of experience on Boeing Major checks
and over 20 years on Airbus 320, exceeding industry quality standards.


B767 and 737 Cargo Conversion

Mexicana MRO reached an agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) for the Cargo Conversion (P2F) on Boeing 767 aircraft.


Aircraft Heavy Maintenance

  • Avionics Upgrades and Installation.
  • B767 Winglets installation.
  • Skin Replacement.
  • Hush Kit Modifications & Upgrades.
  • Significant Structural Items Repair.
  • In-Flight Entertainment System Installation.
  • ADS B OUT Modification.

Line Maintenance.

  • On Call Maintenance
    (Under IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreements)
  • Meet and Greet
    (Under IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreements)
  • Daily & Overnight Checks


  • Wide & Narrow body aircraft paint.
  • Aircraft Stripping.
  • Aircraft Scuff / Sand & paint.
  • All type of Customer Design.
  • Aircraft Polishing, Finishing & Detailing.

Wide experience with main paint manufacturers: Mankiewicz, PPG, AkzoNobel.


Components repair.

  • Avionic components. .
  • Electric components.
  • Hydraulic, Fuel & Oil Components.
  • Mechanic, Pneumatic components.
  • Wheels & Brakes.
  • NDT Laboratory.
  • Metrology.

Other Services.

Technical capacity and recognized experience to incorporate airworthiness directives, service bulletins, recommendations and modifications issued by the aviation authorities manufacturers such as:

  • Cargo Compartment Smoke Detection System Installation.
  • SATCOM installation.
  • B757/B767 Pylons Inspection & Modification.
  • AOG Services 24/7 America and the Caribbean Area.

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